Ready Burger – Crouch End

16 Park Road, N8, open Monday through Sunday, 12pm – 12am

A new vegan fast food restaurant has opened in North London! I took a trip up to Crouch End to test out some of Ready Burger’s new, fully plant-based offerings. Ready Burger is making it more affordable to eat vegan, while focusing on sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. The menu contains a typical variety of burgers and fast food sides, with an even more affordable “Saver Menu”. I tried the Big Ready meal with a side of 3 chicken fillets with the sweet curry dip, a chicken challenger, and a swirlee Oreo, and here are my thoughts:

Big Ready burger (£3.59 for the sandwich, £5.49 for a meal, +40p to make it a large meal) – The burger consists of 2 patties, with cheese, lettuce, pickles, and Ready sauce, housed in a double cut seeded bun. I prepared myself for a sloppy burger that would fall apart as soon as I picked it up, but I was happy to find that it all stayed together in one piece while I ate it. I thought the burger could’ve done with a bit more of the tangy Ready sauce, but overall, the entire burger was a lot nicer than what I was expecting for such a low price! 

Big Ready Burger

Fries (R£1.39, L £1.79) – I’m really picky when it comes to fries, as I am not much of a fries person. My fries were a bit soggy this time around, but nevertheless, they were delicious paired with the sweet curry dip.

Ready Burger fries

Crispy Fillets (3-count £3.89, 5-count £4.79) – Now these were probably my favorite part of my order. RB’s crispy fillets are comparable to McDonald’s Chicken Selects The texture was exactly like real chicken, and Ready Burger has managed to keep the extra crispy texture on the breading of the fillets. I enjoyed these on their own without any dip!

Chicken Challenger (£4.29) – Housed in an oval bun, this sandwich consists of 2 chicken fillets, black pepper mayonnaise, and lettuce. The sauce was one of the best “veganaises” I have tasted.

Swirlee Oreo (£1.49) – This dessert was delicious! It had a coconut-ty taste, and was comparable to a McDonalds Oreo McFlurry. I scarfed this down, and it tasted better with every spoonful!

Ready Burger’s affordable “McDonald’s prices” are making it easier for plant-based consumers to enjoy fast food. Currently, the restaurant has no indoor seating, but there are a few tables outside. Priory Park is nearby, and a great place to sit and enjoy your food! A second location is set to open in Swiss Cottage summer of 2021.

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