Temple of Seitan

Temple of Seitan continues to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice quality food for a quick, affordable meal. Temple of Seitan has some of the best meatless wings I’ve tasted, and is one of my favorite places to grab a burger. Burgers here cost£6 to £7, whereas lots of other places charge upwards of £9! I visited the Camden location, and tried the BBQ Glazed Wings, Mac n Cheese, Popcorn Snack Pack, and the Buffalo Burger, and here are my thoughts:

BBQ Glazed Wings (£5) – These were probably my favorite item that I ordered. The glaze had the perfect tang that you would expect from a BBQ sauce, and the texture of the “meat” was perfect in the sense that it didn’t just turn to mush when you bit into it. It had the texture of real meat.

Temple of Seitan BBQ Glazed Wings

Popcorn Snack Pack (£5) – The popcorn “chicken” bites were crispy and flavorsome. I enjoyed these best dipped in ketchup.

Buffalo Burger (£6.50) – This buffalo burger is probably one of my favorite vegan burgers I’ve had to date. Again, the texture and flavor of the Seitan were spot on. The sandwich consisted of a buffalo glazed fillet, topped with pickles, coleslaw, and ranch mayo.

Temple of Seitan Buffalo Burger

Mac N Cheese (R£3.50/L£5) – This creamy mac is made with cashew parmesan, and topped with sour cream, Seitan bacon, and parsley. It wasn’t my favorite vegan mac, but I still enjoyed it!

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